5 Top Tips to Improve your Email Open rates

Despite recent GDPR implementations, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to consistently engage customers and prospects. In 2018, for every £1 spent on email marketing, it generated on average a return on investment (ROI) of £38* which makes it one of the best performing marketing channels.

This statistic is confirmed in a recent study by OpenView:

Most Effective Marketing Channel

Source: https://labs.openviewpartners.com/which-digital-channels-perform-the-best/#.W36lby2ZP6c

A successful email marketing campaign is measured by 4 key metrics: open rates, click-through rates, forwards and unsubscribe rate. However, to ensure a successful campaign across all four, you first need consumers to open your emails.

So, how do you get more recipients opening your emails?

If you search and scan through Google, you will find copious snippets of information claiming to be the solution when it comes to email marketing. So to hopefully cut your time searching short,  we are going to show you 5 proven methods to improve your open rates in this blog.

1.    Engaging Subject Line


The subject line is the first thing a customer sees when going into their inbox, if you don’t capture their attention here then they will certainly not open the email. We can’t suggest a universal perfect subject line as every customer and business is different but it may be that if you drive urgency, it performs better or perhaps they prefer a more personalised approach?

The only way to find this out is to A/B test different subject lines on your database, this is key. This is the only method to find the most engaging subject line for you and your consumer. So, split your database and try different methods, then keep testing until you’re happy with the subject lines that consistently yield higher open rates.

2.    Segment your database


Audience segmentation is key to ensure you are sending relevant information to the appropriate consumer. Your subscribers will naturally fall into categories, which implies they will have different interests and needs when it comes to your business. There are numerous ways to segment your subscriber database such as:

•    Demographic: Gender; age; job title; socio-economic group; family
•    Consumer Behaviour: What do they purchase?; when do they purchase?; when did they last open an email?; what links do they click on?
•    Customer information: Do they use desktop, tablet or mobile?; when do they want to receive emails?; what do they want to receive emails about?

The list goes on and it depends on what product or service you offer, but by segmenting your database you can send out highly targeted and relevant information to your subscribers which will increase open rates.

3.    Perfect your Timing


Timing is important for every marketing channel and email marketing is no different. Your subscribers are busy people with hectic lives, you need to appreciate this. 

You will need to test thoroughly to find out when your subscribers are checking their emails, and this will not be the same for each type of email. For instance, a product promotion email may well perform better at a different time compared to a monthly newsletter does. Therefore, testing times for different types of message, audience and call to action will also be important. Once you have tested, follow the times and schedules that consistently lead to higher open rates.

4.    Personalisation


Think about this from your own point of view, are you more likely to open an email and engage with it if it feels like it has been written to you? Or are you more likely to open a more generalist email where they don’t even know what your first name is? 

Personalise where possible, use the snippet, use the subject line. Treat your subscriber as person not another sale added to your bottom line.

5.    Great Content


Email marketing is a fantastic platform to build a relationship with the consumer and most importantly build their trust in you as a brand. If all you send them is promotion after promotion, your emails will quickly find themselves in the trash as they can find your promotions when they’re ready to purchase. 

If that subscriber trusts your business to send them high quality, interesting and informative emails, they’re far more likely to consistently open your emails as they’re more engaged with your brand as a source of information.

Final thoughts


Just like all marketing channels, email marketing requires consistent A/B testing, monitoring and optimisation to improve engagement with your brand both from a B2C and B2B perspective. You should always compete against yourself as well as competitors, the minute you’re happy with your company’s marketing and plateau you will fall behind your competition.

These tips will provide a great platform to assist you in improving the open rates of your emails and get subscribers seeing your brand. The next step is to actually create the engaging, informative and interesting content.

What to do next?


If you’re looking to improve your direct marketing channels for your company or are looking to improve your overall marketing, Dupree Creative can help across the board and ensure your company is consistently on brand and reaching a bigger audience to allow you to grow.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can do this, then send an email to karl.montgomery@dupreecreative.com or give us a call on 01780 757666 and let’s book in a free consultation over a coffee.

*according to Wordstream