Andy Wright

Job Title
Creative Director

Before joining Dupree Creative, Andy had already worked in the creative departments of several advertising and design agencies gaining that most important skill of all - experience. Now, he can add several industry awards to his list of achievements. An out-and-out creative and a genius when it comes to branding.

In My Own Words

Over the past 20 years - from making the tea through to the conceptual thinking, there aren't many creative disciplines I haven't had the pleasure of working on. It's this variety of work for leading fashion, food/beverage, home wear and leisure companies, plus the understanding of how brand identities work, that has helped me secure five major industry awards.

Having a love for outdoors pursuits in a variety of activities and past times, I've been very much at home here, helping grow Dupree around a vibrant and exciting outdoor client base. People often ask me how do I still manage to generate unique ideas for similar brands in such a narrow market place? Simple, every brand is unique however similar and, if you think the outdoor market is confined, you really should get out more.