The Dengie brand had started to stagnate and offer no communication different to that of its competitors. Our job was to differentiate, re-establish and re-connect the brand in its core market.

The Background

Dengie mainly produces Alfalfa fibre feeds that over the years have become a staple part of a horses diet. Unfortunately, fibre feed is seen 'as the boring bit at the bottom of the bucket'. A secondary issue was the Dengie brand had started to fade into the background, with other feed manufacturers migrating into fibre market.

The Solution

We needed to wake the audience up again to Dengie and bring it to life. Relevant and striking imagery was required but based around horses so as not to lose touch with the audience. Creative included upbeat advertising, stylish print and a modern approach to a Drupal responsive website. We succeeded in putting the 'sparkle' back into the Dengie brand.