Versatool is own by AClass Engineering who you'll also see showcased on our website. Similar to AClass, the Versatool brand and image had been left untouched for over 15 years and in that space of time the metal storage solution competitor companies had rapidly overtaken them. Just as AClass, the Versatool products were top-notch but the brand and marketing didn't match up.

The Background

Versatool produce high end metal storage solutions and as a result have been one of the more expensive products on the market. A rise in competition and not so quite well made products with more affordable price tags has mean a loss in market share for Versatool.

A new product line fro Versatool now enable it to compete at with the opposition at affordable and expensive end. 

The brief was twofold - firstly reconnect the name Versatool to the audience and secondly promote both the new affordable range and the existing expensive offering.

The Solution

Firstly we created a unique, angular look to the logo which then, using the angular feel, was applied to the brand for a consistent look. The strapline 'engineered with pride built in' was created to convey that all Versatool ranges, affordable and expensive, are built to exacting specifications.

A website was created to provide the hub for the marketing messages, which on a tight budget were pushed through digital advertising, PR and social media.

Finally, bespoke images and footage were taken placing the Versatool ranges in relevant marker orientated settings thus helping the consumer understand and relate to the offerings.