Strategic Marketing

While it pays to have technical and creative experience and expertise, it also helps to have a sense of strategic marketing like no other. Whether they are traditional in their approach or prefer to work at the cutting-edge of technology, our clients in the outdoors marketplace know they can count on decades of Dupree experience in print advertising and media placement. For the outdoors marketplace, you simply can't beat a wealth of media experience - from broad market knowledge and contacts to a thorough understanding of PR.

At Dupree, we listen to our clients' needs and expectations before we put our savvy on the table. The whole point of our work is to help our clients in the outdoors marketplace promote and sell their products and services. We expect them to see a difference when they come to Dupree.

By adding our ability to spread budgets and maximise exposure to promotional strategy, technical and creative expertise, we usually manage to persuade our clients that we're out there with them and their customers.

An integrated agency

Collectively, we've worked for industry-leading agencies and publishing companies where we have gained a deep and broad knowledge of our services including PR, strategic advertising, design, brand development, photography and web development. A big benefit of using us is our ability to combine these tactical opportunities in one place. Browse our case studies to see how effective this can be.